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DIY Home Lending Corp is the agent's lender. The company was formed and designed to support you. We did this by first changing the job of the traditional Loan Originator. We recognized they had too many duties by working on Sales, Calls, and Loans. It created inconsistant service. To make matters worse, if an LO is out of the office working on sales they are not working on your client's loan.

DIY Home Lending Corp

DIY is the leader in changing the industry by separating the Loan Originator into 3 job positions... LO, Account Executive, & the Operator. We do this by utilizing our proprietary technology, REAL-Direct© (Real Estate Agent Loan-Direct). This is the second feature of the company that seperates us from the competition. Our system ensures you're fully aware of your client's loan activity, status, and outstanding conditions. It cultivates your client to agent relationship by keeping a 3 way communication, ensuring a better service and experience.

Download our free smartphone app today: From your smartphone go to the play store, search DIY Home Lending, click on REAL-Direct and download. Register one time and you are now connected to the DIY network.